Life of a Developer by Tomasz Mieczkowski

Ever played Mad Libs as a kid? Here is a cute little game that regenerates pre-created text by swapping some words

life of a developer is not as exciting as the one of a building jumping stuntman.
I wake up in the early mornings and get up few minutes after.
Right away I jump into the shower, brush my teeth, shave my beard.
Then I drink one to three cups of hot steaming coffee and I'm ready to begin coding.
Every now and then I take a break to relax myself and poke my friends on Facebook.
If the day is not too busy, I lift some weights while I write the code.
Once lunchtime comes around I play with my puppy-dogs and get some chinese food to munch on.
It doesn't matter how powerful my mind is because before the sun disappears behind the horizon, my computer crashes from overuse.
Evenings might be filled with Netflix watching and Twitter stalking, but sometimes running in the park is just what doctor prescribed.