This one is mainly for web designers, and anybody who needs to create responsive website previews en masse. If you've ever worked with me, you'd know that I don't like to do things twice, really dislike doing same thing thrice, but four times is really pushing. That's why I like to automate anything that can be automated. I created a tool for myself that uses other people's website as resources. I don't want to give you a full source code, because I'm not sure about the legality of it all, but I'll walk you through the steps that my program takes me through and then I'll provide you with the Photoshop action for this. 1. First we need to access the preview URL with appropriate screen width. Sure you could do this one at a time and resize it, but that will take forever so go to this website, enter your URL and grab the URL that it provides for you. Make sure you uncheck the header preview. 2. Now it's screenshot time. Go to this website and paste in the URL you just got, then get the screenshot. See where it's going now? You got the nice big image that includes different dimensions. 3. Finally downlod this action script I created and run it to split the file into multiple files. Wanna take it a step further? Sure, how about a PDF with Apple devices and another action script that will put the image inside the frame. There ya go. How do you like me now? Need an idea, I've got plenty of them. I'll share the idea, not all the files. IDEA 1: I also built a photoshop file with other devices at different angles, and action scripts that places the images into the frame using the Vanishing Point - like that? I bet you do. :) IDEA 2: I have built a gif animator. Keep in mind to use devices with less colors in them so they don't steal additional colors from your 256 color pallet. Duplicate the layers and animate them sliding downwards. If you have a nice stock photo of human fingers available, you may consider using that as well. Once done, use the script to replace available files. IDEA 3: Use the original action file provided in this article with this awesome CSS built devices. Props to all the CSS developers out there. It's really cool what you guys and girls can do with no images. I love it, and I'm using it! Thanks!