Other Links

Have you seen and read everything on my website? Really? Well, okay, if you're still bored, here is the list of some interesting links in multiple categories I have collected over time. If you have any other suggestions that I could put here, send me a message and I will make sure to take a look what you have to offer. Enjoy!


Domain Finder

This is an amazing domain finding website. Enter your keywords and hit search to get hundreds of ideas for your next domain.

Web Designer Depot

Best web designer / web developer blog out there. Constantly updated - new informative articles added daily. Really the best. Out of all newsletters I get, I read this one from start to finish.

Creative Market

You can buy designs, sell designs, and if you sign up for the newsletter, you can get some freebies every now and then. Really nice. Keep in mind to support your fellow developers.

Theme Shock

Okay, I already bought so many things from these guys. They have really nice designs, large collections of useful development elements. Must see. They also offer a premium when you get all of it at once.

Mighty Deals

Very sweet deals for web developers and designers. Discounted software and website memberships. I'm truly addicted. Do I need it? Maybe, maybe not. Oh well, let's buy it.

Place Hold It

Need placeholders for your website? Look no further. This website is pretty slick. Simply create an image tag and call the domain name followed by the width and height of the image. Example: http://www.placehold.it/400x200

Alternative To

Can't afford the expensive software out there on the web? There might be a cheaper substitute. Check out this website. You can provide a name of software and it will tell you what other software does the same thing.

Icon Finder

Find free icons online. I know - there's a lot of websites like that, but my browser knows better than to go anywhere else... They have large selections, and very clean UI for browsing and selecting the icons you need.

My Other Websites

Find Your NET

This LLC is owned by me. Website is built in order to attract small companies to obtain well built and easy to manage websites with limitless amount of tools. Highly recommended.

Web Project Stat

This is my main control panel. Used for communicating with clients and billing purposes, but as an administrator I have access to many more tools that just make my life easier.

Web Designs NYC

I obtained this domain name by pure luck in timing, and I love it. Although now the company's name is actually Find Your Net, I will keep this nice domain forever.

Show Reminder

I watch too much TV, and I realize that sometimes it takes longer to figure out when my shows are coming out than the length of the show itself. I built this website to remind me when the shows are airing so that I don\'t miss it.



That's right - you heard it here first. I always look for a deal, but there's no better deal than $5. Well, except $4, but still, it's a great deal. Find many fun ways to spend that Lincoln.


Coupons for electronics and others stuff. Instant rebates! Good deals. No they don't pay me to advertise it! It's actually good. I'm so hooked on it, by now I made 10 or more purchases.


Woot woot!

Slick Deals

Oh yeah.


Not quite shopping, but a nice website where you can get discounted products as if you were buying them in bulk. I found it when no one's even heard of it. Now they're huge everywhere.

Deals of America

Very similar to deals2buy... If you liked the first one, you may want to book mark this one as well. For all these days when you feel like shopping. They actually have a better search engine built in.



Lend money to people and collect interest. Or borrow money if you need it. It's kind of fun, and a good resource to keep in mind. Very good alternative to investments.

Morning Star

Just type in the investments you hold, and you'll see how much of your total portfolio is in stocks, bonds, and cash, as well as how much you hold in each sector, world region, and stock category.


These guys make smart investing behavior automatic. Link your bank account to Betterment for seamless transfers. They even make automatic deposits, rebalance your account and reinvest dividends for you.


Get all of your financial resources together. Pretty sweet. Put all of your stuff into one spot for a single financial snapshot. It logs into all of your accounts at once and even gives you suggestions.



I guess it really matters what you consider fun. I'm a constant subscriber of lynda.com and I love the fact that I can learn anything about anything with their user friendly videos. Thanks Lynda.

Moja Tuba

This one is mainly for the Polish folks out there. Music jukebox that builds a playlist for you after you specify one author. So in other words, it\'s like Pandora, but in Polish. Enjoy, but remember to support your artists.

Overheard In NY

In New York, of course! All the silly things silly people say. Not just silly though, but quite often funny. User submitted NYC quotes. I submitted a few before, but it's more fun to read.


It's a small website, but still kind of fun. Upload your photo, and a piece of software will blend your photo with others for nice effects. Yes - this is what I consider fun. Other people's software.